Rocket eBikes of Southern Colorado

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Rocket eBikes of Southern Colorado makes light, powerful, fast, reliable and durable ebikes, built on new name brand mountain bikes. The bike in the picture is 1000w, as big as the law allows. It will go at least thirty miles, at 30mph +++, and the battery can be charged from 500 to 800 times. Did I say that it's fast?

Ebikes are perfect for truckers. Honestly, I hadn't thought of it, a trucker told me. But, there are about a million uses that I can think of.

We can make a conversion ebike in just about any style; but, on the other hand not every model can be converted. In any case, there will never be any re-engineering: either everything works perfectly together right out of the box, or we don't use it.

We don't ship, but we deliver to the TA Truck Stop in Walsenburg, Colorado with about 10 minutes notice; or to a store in town that keeps regular business hours, where you can pick it up. We take major credit cards. We go back in trucking to the Seventies, after my dad retired from the military; mobile homes and oversized loads, Screenshot_20190601-223113.pngall up and down the East Coast.

Call Mike, at: (719) 334-8327.