Remote Truck Stops

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Hi guys!
I am doing some research for a new business that will service rest areas. I would love to hear from you about the most remote rest stops and what you guys usually lack the most! Thanks


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I have gotten a room on a couple of occasions.

Truck broke down in Belgrade MT, Ice storm in Alabama, took my daughter with for spring break, special month long project in July 2013.


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I was also wondering about sleeping often do you pay for a room? Why and when?
If I am doing a 34 hour restart, and can find a nice room, I will stay in one before I stay in the truck usually. If there is nothing but crappy rooms around though, I will just stay in the truck.

Breakdowns, I will settle for whatever room is available.


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And actual soap in the dispensers. Take the chi-chi hand lotion back to the salons where the "I don't know what it is" metro sexuals hang out. Working folks actually get their hands dirty once in awhile.
Yeah I never understood that either...

Flying J and some of the TAs got that gritty stuff now with crushed pumice...

Now if they'd just get Real Sinks as @Duck said why it would be smooth sailing