Truckers Health Relieving Pain in Joints and Ligaments


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Hello to all truckers.

I have been a driver for various car dealerships for the past six years and thought you all would be the best source of information. I began driving local and long-distance runs and was in great physical condition for a 69-year old. All was good until about a year ago when the tendons in the back of my legs began to tighten up, and it's only getting worse as we head into Winter. Any suggestion to what may be happening and how to alleviate it, besides, of course, it's Father Time's curse?


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You need to get out and walk around as often as you can. When you rest you rust.

I know myself, I have far less aches and pains now that I am out moving around than I did when I was behind the wheel 11-14 hours a day.


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Failure to move can lead to deep vein thrombosis. (Blood clots). Having had one in my arm after an angiogram, you DO NOT want to put yourself in that risk.

A forearm, while painful, is supposedly not life threatening. Your legs are. For both pulmonary blockage as well as a stroke risk.

Life sucks dealing with that.


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Uric acid around those joints....Cherries and cherry juice can bring ph balance back into place...elevate legs while sleeping at night....circulate blood flow back into trunk of body....dancing best excise there is.....get off junk foods.


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The closest thing I eat to junk food is maybe an Egg McMuffin once a week if I work on a Saturday. Otherwise, I bring all of my own food and drinks (water) from home. I hate eating at restaurants.