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National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Passes House, Heads to Senate - Breitbart

Looks like that douchebag Paul Ryan finally did his job. He's been sitting on that bill for months, refusing to allow it to go to the floor.

This would be great for truck drivers who currently have to keep up with the constantly changing state laws, and constantly live in fear of being captured and held as a political prisoner in enemy held territory.


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It would be a good thing for any concealed carry permit holder. Even California and New York would have to comply with it.

Of course, I would have to actually go get a permit. Been needing to, anyway. Idaho is a permitless concealed carry State, but only inside Idaho and only for citizens of Idaho. They have a permit (used to be the "enhanced" permit) for people who want to carry in other States as well. I just haven't gone to get mine.

Waiting for all the Lefties to start carrying on about how this is going to make gun crimes in their bastions of disarmament explode. Be laughing my ass off if Chicago responds with a murder rate that immediately tanks.


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The 2nd amendment is your concealed carry permit.

That is, and has always been the supreme law of the land.

Any politician, judge or police officer who has ever enacted or enforced any laws that deny people this right, are criminals who should be locked up themselves.

However, of this reciprocity passes, all we'd have to do to fully restore our constitutional rights, in the eyes of these criminal regimes that unfortunately rule over us, is for one state to declare the US Constitution to be our official concealed (and open) carry permit.

That would instantly restore most of our 2nd amendment rights nationwide.
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Vermont is Constitutional Carry.
Do they simply require no permit?

If they don't require anything they officially refer to as a permit, then reciprocity won't apply.

We need a state to declare an official US birth certificate to be a carry permit and make no difference between resident and non-resident.

Because then with the reciprocity, all US citizens have a Vermont carry permit.