Recent experiences with Knight?


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Considering going with Knight was wonder if any drivers could shed some light.

I'm a new driver so my options are a bit limited. I am concerned about getting miles but I am willing to be out 3+ weeks at a time and OTR.


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I've worked for Knight off and on for twenty years. I'm driving for Knight Refrigerated now. I've worked out of 5 different terminals. Reno, Tulsa and Springdale are the best.
Tulare, Portland, Boise, Dallas and Memphis are decent.

Like anything else in life, the attitude and expectation you bring has a lot to do with the overall experience.
As a rule, Knight has been pretty good to drive for. They keep me plenty busy and I make decent money. On the rare occasion I've had issues with them, it was usually due to a dispatcher that was unwilling to understand what my needs are as a driver. But I'm still here, so what does that say?
I'm not sure where in the country you live, but if you're going to run reefer, Springdale or Dallas is a good choice. If dry van, Reno, Boise, Salt Lake, Portland, Dallas, Tulsa, Memphis are all good terminals to work for.
I've rarely had to sit and wait for a load, and when I do they always pay me for my down time. The only exception will be if you turn down loads.
Main thing is to get a dispatcher that you like. If you aren't getting along with your dispatcher, talk to your terminal manager, explain that you'd like to try someone else, and hopefully that will fix things. They're not perfect, but they've been decent to me.
I've left six times, always on good terms, and they always hire me back.