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Been down on my luck for a while. Best bet I had was with a staffing agency that got me steady work for about 5 months and it's been 3 since they have called back. Took odd jobs where I could get them. Then I get a random message from about a free training school and figured, "why not?". I was already thinking about going to a local security guard school and getting all the permits even the ones including guns, when I have never fired one. Just to up my eligibility for hire.

Process for the school:

Applied. Three days pass. Call. Sure. Set date. Arrive at the hotel with bed bugs... Luckily I was in one of four or five rooms without them. Everyone else was bitten all to hell.

Day one; Monday:

Great personality instructor leading the class. 60~ students. We get told the basics of what is going to happen. A few stories on how it is amazing once you get the rhythm going. How it will be a ***** up to at least 8-9 months. Of the 9 month period I am required to be with them. Told by another instructor that they only felt comfortable being in a truck after 6 months. And ultimately given a cheat sheet with 95% of the DMV answers for the CDL A permit test. Tests for basic driving, i.e. distance from vehicles, winter driving, etc.

10 people leave after hearing the requirements the recruiter did not tell them about.

Yeah. Homework was memorize all of it by Wednesday.

Day two; Tuesday:

Some paperwork. Completely unorganized. About 4 hours of doing nothing to the point that the camera that was feeding to Salt Lake City made his bosses call up and tell him to get things under control. Testing to see how much we memorized. Medical exams with in-house doctor.

Roommate leaves because he doesn't want to risk having smoked weed 2 weeks earlier. Veteran gets rejected because of monovision. Sleep studies are by-passed by reducing weight by a few pounds and neck size. Class reduced by 8.

Day three; Wednesday:

DMV day. Shuttled in small van to DMV office 3-4 at a time. DMV takes our papers away and makes us wait 4 hours after getting pissed-off. Seems Premier isn't the only school that goes in that same exact schedule. There is about 60 of us with only 10 computers to test on. CRST members start bringing people to their side on how they are being paid day one and hold BBQ's at the motel. Weekends off unlike Premier.

Lost 6 to CRST.

Day four; Thursday:

Lost a few since England/Premier messed up paperwork on their end with the DMV. How? No clue. But some had mismatched names on their permits. Some tests came back and got people booted because of drugs. And talking about tests. We took a few and were given the answers at the end anyway. Safety, driving and company policy.

Lots of paperwork that got messed up at one point. They pushed the, "interested in a lease?" option in the stack of papers. Made sure we all signed the date earlier for "reasons". 9 month contract? Nothing of it anywhere in the legal paperwork they gave us. It's a flat-out 6 for everyone. I love arbitration at times.

Day five; Friday:

Down to 23 students. We get a new guy at to instruct us. I don't even remember what he says beside "air brakes" at some point. Mostly personal experiences.

Day six; Saturday:

Out in the yard. Previous night most got moved into a new motel in the ghetto... No breakfast in this one. Hookers in the front. 2 of our cars almost got broken into. One got stolen right in front of the owner in the morning. Side tracked? Side tracked.

Told we would get instructors to train on skills and a joy ride the next day. It included a demonstration on what NOT to do. There was a crash as one tried to alley dock as another truck was parking next to them. Slight bump to the back side of the trailer. Then showed the backing, off-set, parallel and alley dock maneuvers we would be thought. Spend most of the day on the parallel and did one alley dock before the end of the day.

Day seven; Saturday:

"No days off" out the window.

Day eight through seventeen; another Sunday unaccounted for:

Good. Not terrible or great. Given the steps to complete all of the skills. Joy rides with 4 students per truck was annoying as hell. Everyone knows how to drive when they haven't been. 30 minutes of driving around each; every other day.

Testing time:

This is what caused me to actually second guess my decision to have now been stuck with England or pay 5k on the spot or risk legal action taken against me.


Late in the day. One of the lasts to start the test days. The DMV "instructor" "tester" whatever his title was was running behind in his schedule.

Air brakes:
I say I will chock the wheels. I do so. Then I will start with the gove...

"Don't you want to check something first?"


*moving his right arm up and down* "something before we start?"

I mention the seat-belt. Begin with the air-brakes. I get the readings wrong for the 2nd test.

"you sure? it looks lower than that."

I get corrected twice until I get it right.

"what about that?" points at what I missed. The low beams I wasn't showed.

Same deal. Points to a torque arm I had already said. Clearly wasn't listening.

"clearly you know your stuff just...garble garble forgot this part...this inspect like the other and move to the back" Sure. Sure.


I will come out and say it. I failed the first time because of nerves. I did the first two fine. By the third my nerves where at maximum and just blanked on a skill I practiced for an entire day.

Backing: He was talking with his friends.
Off-set: I don't know how but I give myself credit that was all me even if I messed the set-up epicly and was backing into the imaginary non-existent 3rd lane.
Parrallel: He went inside of the buildings during it when I crashed into a cone and was talking to a student I guess as I'm sure the tractor got out of the lines.

My recommendation: Go for it since they will literally hand the permit to you. On the road practice had written tests that again, we were given the answers to.

Post CDL A temp:

Day 6 and only just now got a call from the recruiting manager that they forgot to place me on the wait list to get a driver trainer I will be shacking up with for 3-4 months straight.

I'll update. I need an outflow somewhere during these next few months.

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