Rants about newer vehicles


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then to get around that, lease'em. after the 3 year lease is up (as the warranty) up dump it for another one.
i always buy in cash and dump em just before the warranty runs out:D


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Ha I was driving red line this past weekend going to Diego flew right past a chp and they didn't do nothing :cool:
I thought that Califonicated horses were so nutted that they couldn't pass nothing but gas and then very little of that. (The "gas" part I deduce from my Dad. Around 1916, he, his brothers, and others in northern Wisconsin logged with teams. They observed that, "A fartin' horse never tires.") From what I've seen in my trips to Cali (I have 4 sisters there and the queen boss and I were in Sacramento, Loomis, and San Ramon at the end of September this year and then headed from there to Carson City) I thought that some of those rigs were running 220s like when I first trucked out of the Bay Area.

In those days, the CHP officers who worked the scales and did the inspections were sharp. Some had been mechanics. I never encountered one who was chickens..t. The brother of the senior local freight/heavy haul driver at the CF Martinez yard (we had a line and a local board) was a CHP officer who specialized in scales and inspections. One day he was working the Walnut Creek scales when I crossed them. I had a load of coils out of U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh (CA) to go to some place in the East Bay. In those days we loaded suicide. I had reversed the chains (instead of 1 forward and 2 back, I ran the chains opposite to legal on a couple of rolls). I would have sooner gotten a ticket than have him tell his brother about my screw up. But to the delight of the crew he ratted me out. I think that I had to buy the beer for the gang down at a topless bar that was even then at the site of the old Pacheco dirt track.

But all in all, I'm glad to hear that some Cali horses might run with the big strokers that I've seen pulling Airport, Siskiyou, that miserable hill out of Lewiston, and a bunch of others including those on the Parks Highway between Wasilla and Fairbanks.


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Got a lifetime warranty on my latest ride.
When do I dump it?
i hate dealers that offer the so called lifetime warranty more than likely the customer is SOL. nothing more than a scam to me!!! we had a hyundai stealership out here offering that i was like ofcourse there offering a lifetime warranty because they start falling a part in a year:biglaugh::D:eek:. another thing i hate about stealerships is when they start acting like there cars are as good as exotic cars there's no comparison:cool:


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Cars look too generic these days. Can't just look at one and tell the difference anymore.

It was almost unheard of to get 150K out of older vehicles.

Just sayin'.
Its wasnt so much that they couldnt hit 150k ...

It was that old cars like the 70s boats my folks had growing up RUSTED Thru in about 5/6 years especially here in the Midwest where they salt the hell out of the roads

Worse yet @Injun is that calcium cholride mix.

Not saying newer cars dont rust even my 2002 Taurus was all rusted underneath.

but older cars rusted away much faster