Rand McNally GPS


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Rand McNally GPS is actually updated faster than the paper map


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I find google maps good for addresses but useless for travel time and truck routes. Still Rand McNally on its own is not enough sometimes as the updates are not done very well in that there are always lots of new roads missing even after updates.
It's only as good as the third-party road database. Municipalities are under no obligation to report changes to roads, new restrictions, etc.

Nothing like looking on Google Maps for the million square foot warehouse that is your destination, and finding a field.

Or... your RM GPS can't find your address because the shipper/receiver gave you a postal address (town/zipcode) and a street address that's in a different municipality.

The point is, we *blame* the box, when it can be a problem that RM has no control over. It's a tool. Try running a trip like we used to with ONLY vague instructions, and the RMCA - which may only provide major highways to a dot that your destination is located in. What we have now is an order of magnitude improvement over 10 years ago. But... GPS is just one tool in your bag of trucking tricks. It's imperfect, and should be recognized as that.