Questions about logging trucks

Sam McCloud

Formerly 'Thomas Mixter'
How is the trailer loaded onto and taken off the tractor?

I believe these are called Lincoln pole trailers.

What is the part with vertical side posts that attaches to the fifth wheel called?

Here is a typical American logging truck:

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Sam McCloud

Formerly 'Thomas Mixter'
we don`t have them down here,I hate logging trucks and the local highway patrol loves them
I don't like to drive my car while following too close behind those damn things. Wood chips/flying tree bark hitting my paint not to mention if the log chains were to break.....a man was killed in his car years ago when the load came off going uphill. These trucks are seen all over redwood country in northern California or used to be in the 1970's and 1980's before the tree-huggers in that state shut down logging operations.

Logging trucks are a messy nuisance to motorists but they look exciting to drive.