Question to all veteran truck driver's and Owner Ops what are the need to knows for new comers to the industry


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Right wink kind of asking about trucking in Canada as an owner/operator. All good buddy thanks for the reply.

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Hello can someone make a living being new to hauling freight as an owner operator thinking of buying a 2012 Pete 384 with 12000 front 40000 rear MX13 with 10 speed fuller 62" bunk 1.180000 KM, How hard is it to find loads and stay busy in Canada I have some experience from back in the 90's doing oil field hauling. But would have to get class 1 gong again only have class 3 been doing a little gravel work over the last few year. just need to find full time work am single with not a lot of needs.
That all depends on what province you're in. I'm assuming not Ontario since you're referring to it as Class 1. Some provinces have started making a school mandatory before road testing for your AZ or Class 1 in light of the "new Canadian" pandemic. I got mine before all that took off. How it works if someone had it before or if that even applies to you I've not the first clue unfortunately. It's really gonna depend on what province.