Quality Carriers Lease Purchase



I'm nearing the completion of my second 52 week lease with ATS. I saw this add and was wondering if anyone is in the program?


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I spent 5 years working for an affiliate of this company up until a year ago.

I have no first hand experience in their lease purchase program, but most of the owner operators I talked with during my time there seemed to be doing well.


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I know a guy leased on there but I'm pretty sure he's an 0/0. Says the L/O that can survive the first 6 months seem to do well. Not sure why that's significant, but that's what he said.

Also takes a bit to find good lanes and stay in them. Dispatch is handled through their various terminals and drivers are assigned to run out of a certain terminal, and once out in the system get first dibs on loads back toward their terminals.

They run eLogs.

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If you lease with Quality, don't forget they're a tanker outfit so you'll be paying for a cargo pump and air compressor too.
Those are for unloading your liquid load; pump is pretty self-explanatory, compressor is for pressurizing the tank trailer. Plus, I notice, most of their trucks are equipped with a hoseholder rack behind the cab. I suspect the trucker pays "rent" on those items, but not certain. Some chemical loads are temp sensitive and require being plumbed into the engine cooling system. Also realize that tanker is rough on the truck (always moving load). Liability is pretty high too.

So,if you haven't hauled tanker before, realize there's a lot of specialized equipment involved. If you're planning on using your truck, get with Quality first and check into whether or not your truck is configured to mount all this. Save some expensive surprises.

Nothing's simple in the tanker world.... especially doing chemicals.