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Isn't the new weigh station warning wonderful. I realize it is because of the nitwits that can't seem to see all the signs saying weigh station. But really does it have to announce it 12 times. [emoji15]


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Yep it started 2 days a go. Swift's biggest violations are not stopping at POE and scalez
Wonder how many other companies are doing that.How about when you back,do you have to send GOAl over the Qualcomm before you back?Some time ago a driver told me his company is requiring that and thought he drove for swift but can't remember.And this is why drivers don't act like adults,they're treated like school children.


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Yeah, I don't send them all the time. Just enough to keep them happy.
Good grief trucking sure isn't like it use to be.But then again look at the brainless dummies in today's industry and getting worse.Swift shouldn't treat every driver like a stupid Moran.No wonder swift drivers don't stop at weigh stations instead of reprimanding those drivers swift treats all drivers equal as brainless children.


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Kinda hard to miss... o_O

Big sign...


Probably need to add flashing lights an' a warning klaxon to th' ol' QC if ya can't figure out what's appropriate.