Puppies and the AC guys.

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My AC blew slap up( for those not in the south that means it was FUBAR). System was 25 years old so we decided to have a new system installed, add in the addition and stuff.

When the guys got here I introduced them to the dogs and told them so long as they were outside they would be OK, and if they felt nervous I could isolate the pack. Worked well most of the week.

One guy was cutting a new return in a wall and went to walk by Brat and Mickey informed him he was to keep his distance. He really hung around Brat the whole week they were here according to Crys. Which is what he is supposed to do, so he earned a steak on Friday.

Crys was watching out her back window when another crew showed up to help them get finished by the end of the week.

One guy (pretty big according to Crys) that had not been introduced to them went through the back gate and Pepper ran up to him barking but when she got about 20 ft away she stopped and hauled ass into the house. Crys was watching as Pepper ran into the bedroom where Mickey was taking a nap with Brat and then Pepper and Mickey both hauled ass out the back door and Devo went to the front door.

They went straight at the new guy and pinned him in a corner of the fence. Not biting but had him backed in, then got between him and the house. Crys went out to bring them in, and they broke off just like they should and Crys introduced them to the guy.

Then she hears Devo going bat crap crazy. Runs in the house and she has a guy pinned in the closet. He was supposed to be putting the boots for Ac vents in the bedroom, and told Crys when he went down the hall towards Brats room Devo started in on him so he ran to the closet and closed the door.

Devo had been around that guy all week with no issues. I guess we went into protection mode.

When Crys told me all of this she asked what she should do, and why it sparked off like that.

My thoughts are Pepper saw a stranger, realized he was to big for her so went to get back up, and that set off the pack mentality. Why Devo stayed behind I have no idea but over all I was proud of my pups for handling it the way they did. They worked in tandem to protect the people in the house, and called off as soon as Crys told them she had the situation.

So Crys cooked them all a steak. Rare but cooked. The AC guys were cool with what happened, except one guy from Peru. He refused to come in after that.

My guys stood their post:usflag:

And the women folk are happy they have AC again;)