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Product Review: Hot Shots Secret Stiction Eliminator


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July 10, 2018, oil sample came back for coolant in the oil.

Liners still had cross hatch in them and the wear wasn't as expected for 1.13 million miles. I will attribute that to having an Apu and not idling all the time.

Hard parts could have been reused but weren't.

What failed as the coolant O-ring on #1 cylinder liner. We could have simply replaced it, but opted for a full and complete in-frame.
A wise choice. You've already got all the labor invested in getting down to the deck and into the pan, might as well do the others. If you only had 500k, it'd be a different call. I think B50 on those was only 750k, and you're well past that.


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When this was written HSS was manufactured by Primrose oil company. As of September 2017 it’s being manufactured by a different company with a different recipe. It’s different. You can check out their website and see that they still have some primrose products available such as grease and 480m ultragard. Use ultragard at 5% and 400 protect o lube at 5% for half the oil interval. Then drain and replace with 10% 480m ultragard. I can’t say anything bad about HSS. Just that everything that built their name came from a different manufacturer. They have always been a marketing company. Not a manufacturer, hence the term snake oil. Most of the shelf products are nothing more than a dummy down version of someone else’s recipe.
Stick with the manufacturers and you will have better success. Just my .02


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I understand bud.
September 2017 that product product was formulated differently. Just an understanding to share. It’s still a good product imo. Just very different than it was. 👍