Pit bull saves woman from oncoming train.


A **** zoo bit my dad's ankle a week after he had quintuple bypass surgery.

I grabbed the little shaggy mutt by the fur on the back of it's neck and held it up to my face and growled at it, and the damn thing peed all over the driveway.

Brave little piece of "Shih". Only brave when it can immediately retreat and hide under something. Loses it's bladder when given the option to bite when it knows it can't run away afterwards.


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In my earlier life we had a mini-doxy...he would attack anyone and anything. Some kids came riding up the street on horses and he tried to take them out...he tore the screen off a window trying to get to the mailman. He was clever little pest....when we went camping, he would stand back so he had some leeway on his leash and then jump on any one who came into the camp.

One time we were camping on Vancouver Island, and he got into it with a stupid poodle, the poor poodle went running back to his camp, bleeding from almost everywhere. My (then) husband struck camp and we left before the poodles people could track down the viscous animal who had attacked their poodle. We did end up paying for the vet bills, but only because I made him stop and let me call the campsite and get the name of the people who owned the dog....it was o.k., not badley damaged but it still cost up several hundred $$$.

To us in the family, he was a love-bug even sleeping with us. When I left (the husband) the dog stayed with him, they suited each other.

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