Parking truck for longer times


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So I am going to on a 6 to 8 week vacation. I am parking my truck in my driveway never parked it this long so question is

1 Anything to do other than pug in the battery tender?

2 Anything to do to wake it up when getting back?


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Should be fine with the batteries being properly maintained. Shouldn't have to do anything to it when you get back.

If your truck has an electrical shut down for the interior stuff, good idea to cut the interior power off. Not necessary though with the batteries being maintained as you mentioned.


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I'd actually disconnect all the negatives and leave it.

I was "forced" to take an 8-week vacation summer 2015. Had a heart attack and was off for 9 weeks actually. All I did was disconnect the batteries. Had lots of "little gremlins" to fight out of the truck. My fan clutch actually seized on me in that time.

Otherwise, it fired up fine when I went back to work.


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Thanks I'll do that. Yeah the vacation is to get my ACL and MCL fixed. I went dirt bike riding last week and my foot caught a tree root ripped my knee. Guess I should have listened to the golden rule with age goes cage or something like that.
I disconnect batteries on the truck with the discon switch every time I'm parking it for over 48 and not actually IN the truck, or have condiments/food that needs to stay refrigerated in the fridge. If I'm in and parked, I'll plug it in just so I have the batteries topped if that's an option.
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Well go in the morning so they can hack my knee open and see what the hell I did this time. Far as my Ortho believes is acl is slightly torn but mcl might be more of a problem according to the MRI. I already miss working just hate sitting around. LOL wifeie is already ordering me to sell my dirt bikes and buy a Jeep. Guess I'd still have my street bikes.


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We have one but it is only really fun in the dunes. But yeah @ 61 yrs old it's time to quit acting like I'm 18.
Screw it, once you reach 40, everything else is a bonus ;)

@mndriver is right about the battery cables, definitely better to just disconnect them. If any of them are dead when you come back, you know to replace them.


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Yeah I disconnected them. Had surgery today yep MRI was right parcial ACL tear sewn up. Menicus cleaned up. ACL strained no problem there yay. So I will be back driving in 4 weeks. Should be long enough to get the fuzzy feeling I have now out of my system. o_O Sorry not fixing the spelling mistakes I am just going to enjoy my buzz and maybe nap it out.