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Anyone take their kids out with them and have memorable moments, problems, or advice to share?
I took my oldest son out with me for a month a few years back...

We had alot of fun....but the most memorable thing for me was one night when he dozed off in the seat while I was still driving....that was not allowed, so we could stay on the same sleep schedule...I woke him up with the little air hose for blowing the dust out of the truck....

I thought he was gonna clinb out the window....scared the crap out of him, lol.

I also remember that we drove through Greensburg, KS just a few days after that tornado almost wiped it off the map...looked like a bomb had been dropped there.

He was about 12 years old at the time...


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I took junior out when he was maybe 11.
Not the first time, but the most memorable.
I ran a load of auto parts from Detroit to Dallas and dropped dead in the bunk.
Back when you had to pull in every few hours & call to update your location.
I woke up to a conversation between junior & a security guard about being parked in a lot adjacent to where I delivered.
Junior was saying, "We ran all the way from Michigan, so my dad was really tired.
But he'll wake up pretty soon and we'll be leaving.

That was the day I instructed him on responding with the shortest possible answers, using the fewest possible syllables.
And responding with a question rather than an answer whenever practical. ;-)

We also laid over during a weekend on that run.
We spent that night in a pretty nice hotel, nice pool n whatnot, and when we didn't get out the next day I told junior that we could either live another night in the lap of luxury or go to Six Flags and stay in the truck.

That was my first time on a wooden roller coaster :bounce: ...

And junior still lives by the motto, "Think fast and talk slow". :winking:
Anyone take their kids out with them and have memorable moments, problems, or advice to share?
I have no kids but I remember every trip I went on with my dad. I remember I wanted so bad to drive a truck my dad made it look so cool. I couldnt what for summer brake off school. I spent every summer from the time I was 10 till I was 15. had better things to do I guess had to be a kid. but not a day that dad left out that he didn't ask me to go. I would have to say the 1st time my dad ask me if I could drive I said I don't thank so!!!! He said u will never know till u try. We stopped just alittle east of flagstaff. I done a great job he said. it was allways a dream to be where I am now. but never thought I would drive for the same outfit as my dad but I do father and son truckin team just two trucks where we work and I drive my dads old truck. if not for him I wouldn't be where I am now.
I took my son out last summer and we went from charleston sc to miami then from miami to ohio and while i would drive while he was sleep i'd use the air horn and jakes and scream and he would wake up and be like nooooo!


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During Christmas vacation I toke my 12 year old Granddaughter for a short fun to Florida, Tennessee then back to SC. She loved it.
I took my three year old out for a week and a half recently. He was extremely friendly inviting everyone to eat with us at the restaurants. At one point he got upset and said we did not know the way home. I showed him the motor carrier atlas and explained that the lines were pictures of the road and we would follow the lines to 'here' which is where we live. He seemed to believe I had a way of doing that because he calmed down immediately.