Operation DeltaworkForce in need of trucks and trailers

My name is Chad, I'm the executive director of a 501.c.3 nonprofit called Active Disabled Americans. We are a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization that improves the quality of life for individuals living with disabilities and veterans, both able bodied and disabled.

In the for profit sector I am a partner with Khonsu Enterprise, a freight carrier authority based out of dallas. I typically handle logistics and back-end office systems, but have recently obtained my CDL this year and started doing some team driving with my partner.

That brings me here. Over the last 2 years we have been corresponding with freight brokers, carriers and forwarders, as well as other non profit organizations to create a new program for 2020. Our flag ship program, Tranquil Adventures, which delivers free fishing and snorkeling in the Florida Keys for disabled and veterans has been a huge success the last 13 years. We've learned a lot about the long term needs of these constituents. It's my hope that here at truckers forum we can network and share our ideas to get new friendships and relationships to help this new program," Operation DELTAworkFORCE " be as successful.

After a full year of research and planning, Operation DeltaWORKForce is a program launching in the beginning of 2020 that will.assist military veterans, their families and individuals living with disabilities in reentry into the work force. We are parterning with companies and foundations in multiple industries, but transportation happens to be one close to home because many of ADAs members and volunteers including myself have or do work in the industry
With truck sales in the industry at an all time low, and a massive overstock of trucks in the market now is the carefully planned time to launch.
We are actively seeking fully 501.c.3tax deductible donations of equipment. Trucks, trailers and equipment. We have secured warehouse space in both our Miami and Dallas locations. These vehicles and equipment will be used within the program along with many other resources and industry ties to train, and prepare veterans who are ready to rejoin the work force and just need support. We are looking for solid, running and operable equipment that is road worthy and safe, with minimum repairs needed if at all. A daycab, a sleeper, a Flatbed, a Stepdeck, a forklift and typical operating equipment (straps, binders, tires, tools etc) are at the top of the list at the moment. Your donation will be appraised and tax deductible at full market value. This is very beneficial for sellers in the current buyers market who may not be getting the dollar amounts their items are truly worth.

Money is always helpful from donors, but sometimes its just not as personal as you have no idea where its being spent. These vehicles and equipment will go right into the hands of real veterans and their families and real disabled americans who need assistance getting back on there feets and help getting employ. It's time to give back!!

Please DM me if you want to discuss more, learn more about us and how you can be a part of something special.


Active Disabled Americans

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