OOIDA resource for ranking med card clinics

Getfit Tommy

Highway Hero
With Autonomy, Robotics and numerous failed DOT Med Certs... you would think rates would go up as qualified drivers and ma and pop's companies fall by the wayside....(Let's throw in ELD mandates just for ****s n giggles)

But, my guess is the exact opposite. Ma and Pop's companies won't survive, Med Certs will only be given to the new generation of up-and-coming drivers who are more than willing to take on a Lease-to-Own that an experienced driver was forced to forfeit

Rates will go up, yeah... driver pay will remain the same, if not lower

Don't forget, us as the 'consumer' will pay more... (i knew there was a "more" in there somewhere)

Oh, and guess what? I have links to all that bullshit I just spewed! :tease: