OOIDA resource for ranking med card clinics


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OOIDA has a site set up for reviewing those who perform DOT physicals.
It's getting rave reviews and may tip you off to an A-hole facility where they push 'value added' services.

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Is it true that your own Dr. can do your DOT physical. I was told that she can by my DM but that doesn't seem right


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Or maybe it's US DOT.

I don't know which alphabet soup agency they need to be certified by but it's one of those two.


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Yeah after I read up on it I saw that as of May 2014 a Dr. Has to be on the dot list. Guess it's been awhile since my DM drove.


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New York I think...don't quote me, is one of the states now that is moving or has moved to remove chiropractors from available "doctors" to do your physical, even if they're on the list ,they're saying that's not their area of expertise

Was right. Here's link

OOIDA disagrees with New York chiropractors' removal from registry

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Or maybe it's US DOT.

I don't know which alphabet soup agency they need to be certified by but it's one of those two.
Hopefully a Donald Trump "administration " has plans on that.

He "promised" 2 cut regulation and if Congress won't play "along" I hope the Donald goes Obama "exective" orders in a GOOD WAY

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They are removing Chiro's....

When you go for your pre-hire or DOT random now, you may as well come clean on all prescriptions even if they ARE NOT on the DOT banned list because the new DOCTOR will have all the information he needs to find out what you take even if your personal physician has deemed you safe to drive and has been your doctor for the last 30 years. HIPPA has lost its power... or is considered a "gray area"

If he (MRO) disagrees with what you are taking, even if it is NOT on the banned DOT/FMCSA list, he can just say "sorry, I'm not passing you, I'm sending this information to the DMV... peace out foo!"

Then, your personal physician has to fill out a DME for both the MRO and the DMV and get into a pissing match with another physician who knows absolutely NOTHING about you, your driving record... nothing.

Hopefully you aren't trying to re-certify too far from home and end up with a restricted or suspended Class A license cuz you will be in a world of hurt.

Your doc will consult with his malpractice attorneys and whatever other "concerned parties" there might be and you just might find yourself in either a DMV hearing or a courtroom.

Ask me how I know.....

And then ask me how much fun it is to watch that MRO lose and pay you for your time lost from work because his (I quote) "reporting is not considered professionally or legally appropriate and the burden of loss of driving privilege was out of proportion to threat to personal and public safety"

Physician-as-policer is of questionable long-term, net benefit to patients. Patients may AVOID health services in these circumstances.

...and "no" SWIM is not diabetic, SWIM does not have high blood pressure, coronary history..... nothing....

It is fun watching a Chiro, a P.A and an MRO attempt to **** on each other in front of a panel of another group of people who have some clue about some things, and very little about others.

Just another way of outing the truckers.

When this all comes to a head (?).... I guess the freight can just walk itself to its destination.....


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Drivers will have to create a fake identity just to obtain health care pretty soon.

Or hire a young guy in his 20's to go in with a fake ID for a DOT physical.

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Truth ~

Where there's a will, there's a way. It will be that way with the ELD's, C.A.R.B., ... everything.

When you start taking food off a guy's plate... or his family's plate... he will find a mechanism for survival... at nearly any cost.

One thing for certain: Truckers sure are high profile now. I doubt we will ever be known as infamous... more like "notorious"

BTW, I agreed with a number of people in another thread about keeping your mouth shut when getting a medical examination with a doctor that is NOT yours. I have to retract that statement, because the "Doctor" (not Chiro) will tell you not only WHEN you filled your last prescription of whatever... and HOW MUCH was filled and when or 'if' you have a refill date. They now have access to that database.

I know that there are some medications that will have an adverse affect on SOME drivers that are NOT on the DOT banned list, but there are also medications that are necessary people to take... and still be able to drive. If your own doctor "Knows the risks of your profession and deems you safe to work" you shouldn't have to deal with an outside doctor deciding differently, especially when that doctor has an agenda.

Doctors can by law prescribe whatever they want, even at a pharmacist's dismay, but the issue of whether or not you are able to safely operate a CMV should be up to the experienced driver and the physician that knows his history (aside from medications that are on the FMCSA banned list)

If you are involved in a fatality accident, you will be tested for EVERYTHING and a good attorney is going to make the trucker out to be the criminal...even if the other driver was on his third DUI. This is why it is so important to carry with you a letter from your doctor stating that you are safe to work (in whatever capacity) before the whole thing ends up in a courtroom.

It's probably a good idea to become familiar with the FMCSA banned list. Now that companies are hiring past felons, there is a good chance that some of these guys are in the MATS program... and most all of the medications prescribed just so they can function in society are indeed ON the banned list... but, they won't come up in the DOT drug screen.

It is a very gray area...

and also.... why is PCP on that list? I've never known anyone to take an Elephant Tranquilizer.....

Medical Uses: Formerly used as a surgical anesthetic, however, there is no current legitimate medical use in humans. Used as a veterinary anesthetic or tranquilizer.

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I understand that, but to drive on it would seem impossible ...

I know lots of guys who smoke dope, do crank, drink, do coke...etc., etc.,.. some drive, some don't... but I've never met anyone who uses PCP and just hangs out.

I remember years ago when it was popular, it would take three or four cops just to subdue a guy who was on it. Superman strength but no cognitive skills.

This dude that just got busted for driving a CMV all the way across the U.S nonstop was using meth, weed, coke and LSD... the LSD part... hallucinating... that seems weirder to me than all the rest (I mean, the whole thing is preposterous)...but PCP?

  • The drugged person lacks any rational judgment
  • He (or she) feels no pain
  • He thinks of himself as invulnerable
  • He is often aggressive
  • He is willing to harm himself or others

  • Sedation
  • Immobility
  • Amnesia
  • Numbness
  • Slurred speech and other speech difficulties
  • A sense of invulnerability
  • Blank stare
  • Rapid, involuntary eye movements
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat

It just doesn't seem to fit as a drug a trucker would desire. Hell, what do I know? Maybe some truckers are banging H every day ....

I suppose it could be just as scary as a Type 1 Diabetic accidentally O.D'ing on Insulin, missing a shot, or taking the wrong type at the wrong time... or even running out in... I dunno... Albuquerque NM with a loss of cellular service....

Just me... being me.... thinking too much I guess. "Angel Dust" just seems to be a relic from the past.