OOIDA member's pit bull confiscated by animal control in Salina, Kan


Not a fruit
I've had two pit bulls. Both were harmless to people but the 2nd one was too hyper & dumb to train so I gave him to my dad.

What I don't understand is where are the PETA freaks? Why are they picketing KFC & throwing paint on people wearing fur coats when they could be doing something about these Nazi-inspired dog laws?

Seriously... Nazi-inspired.

They abduct & kill dogs solely because of their "race".
PETA do not care about animals owned by humans except as to remove them from human ownership.

PETA kill animals given to them to be rehomed, just so they are not forced to endure the indignaty of being owned.

To PETA, a dead pet is a pet that is free of the chains of ownership.

PETA isn't about animal welfare, it's about banning all ownership of living beings by other living beings.

If they could, I think they would free Aphids from Ants!

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