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Yeah but you just told everyone on here.

So now everyone is going to hate you because you have money. ;)
The auction was Saturday.

They're still hauling tractors away.

Some jackass just blew his transmission right in front of my house.

Chevy 2500, with a gasser and a pansymatic. And loud exhaust. Not "it's rusted out" loud, it's "compensation for a small penis" loud. Glass packs. :rolleyes:

He pulled out on the road with a tandem axle dovetail hauling a small to medium size back hoe, and floored it.

Lots of noise, I heard it shift twice then start screaming, he let off & kept hitting the gas and it would downshift, then scream again when it was time for 3rd.

Just out of curiosity, I walked next door to see if there was a Ford or a Dodge, because the presence of those two truck makes causes Chevy guys to feel inferior and decide to make lots of noise with their right foot.

Sure enough, there are two F-350 diesels over there loading tractors. :biglaugh:

I'd offer to tow that guy home with my 40 year old six cylinder Ford but I don't wanna. :cool:

I think he's limping it in 2nd anyway. ;)
Ode take the ram over the Ford's more so after ford screwed everyone with the 6.0 engines which were a pos