Ok ok I give in

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Alright @ironpony and @Mike I signed up for fuelgauges at letstruck.com. I'm not sure right now being so cold and idling a lot that it's a fair way to start things off.

First tank got me 4.54 mpg :biggrin-2:

I'll try to be diligent for the next 3-4 months to get an accurate overview.
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Plugged in some old numbers I had written down from last year. Looks like 6.14 mpg was the best I got on one fill up.

My worst is the last one, at 3.90 mpg. Which isn't surprising.


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This tree hugging "efficient" T-680 is getting low 5's but it's probably because of all the idling.
It must be the idling. My friend and I had the same trucks T680 doing the same loads in the hills of PA. He was getting 9's and I was around 7-7.5 but I am a far more aggressive driver than he is.
I rolled up on him in PA and hollered on the radio, "hey. company name why in the **** are you holding up traffic?" (we where the only ones on the road for miles.)
He said "what?"

I hit the interior light and flipped him the bird as I passed him with a smile.:thefinger::D
Good times!
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