oil pressure


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the sensor for the pyro is just behind the turbo in the down pipe

It feeds into a connector just under and behind the air cleaner.


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Yeah, I have yet to pull a sample on miles that I have ran. Planning to do so soon, between 15-20k; I'm at 14k now.
I do run under 1500 rpm. Usually run 62-65, so that's 1325ish to 1400 rpm on my setup. I wouldn't consider that lugging, but I'm not too familiar with the Series 60.
I thought his numbers looked fairly good for 1.11 million miles. I'm interested to see if my Lead and Tin continue to rise.
#12 sample was right before a new head was installed fyi.
Did your fluid use and white "smoke" start before or after the new head?


Did your fluid use and white "smoke" start before or after the new head?
Its a new truck to me. Previous owner claimed and reported on oil samples that truck used 1 gallon of oil every 10k miles. No idea on coolant consumption.


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And mine is finally running how it should now it has new charge air. 7,000 ish miles on new 3/4 engine. Finally seeing turbo/manifold combos true colors (non wg borg warner and ported/ceramic coated manifold). Let this dude get fully broke in and we will see how it is. Happy as hell now with it.


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I typically stay above 1400 most of the time, but hardly ever over 1500 unless working a hard pull. Below 1400, the pyro climbs quite a bit on boost. 1400 has me on 61 mph, 1500 on 65 and I generally run at that range of speed unless I need to "put a wiggle in it" and get on around someone and not stay out in the hammer lane for 10 miles. My 12.7 60 has 672K on it as a factory reman. It gets 10w30 in the winter and 15w40 in the summer. With either one, I use about 2 qt of oil in 20-22,000 mile oil changes and been that way since day one when the engine got dropped in the truck. Only about 2 psi across the spectrum between the oils. Typically about 50 psi when running down the road on 15w40 and 48 psi on 10w30.