North American Security and Prosperity Partnership??!


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Well ..... I'm not the only one who sees the blinding lights up ahead that are coming straight at us. "The North American Union" might just be a reality after all. When I confronted my Congressmen Ron Wyden (who has not taken one penny from the oil companies) about the NAU, his written reply was that the meeting between Bush, Fox, and Martin, the Canadian Premaster, was to discuss the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership. You can call it whatever you like, I call it the end of America as we know it. "The North American Union" is the blinding light. There is a cover-up happening, and the American people are now tasting the first mouth fall of collateral damage.

The Gov has intimidated the media, by throwing a few journalists in jail for not disclosing their whistle-blowers, to the point that we are now receiving nothing more than Fox Screws & NBC propaganda. Still wondering why you didn't see more coverage about the Trucker's Strike? Why legislator are either covering up the so-called North American Security and Prosperity Partnership, or why they are not getting the truth as well.

For years there are those in the U.S. that have been trying to tell the America people what is happening, but the far-right kept telling us that these people are commie conspirators. Well folks here it comes, we about to be hit head on by those blinding lights. There are those who will bend over and take it believing they will be spared, but the working class will be beaten into submission or else. The government will call them potential conspirators (those likely not to cooperate) and then haul them away.

I have been for year writing our legislators, asking them why the FTC was not using the RICO LAWS (Anti Trust laws) to stop the ever growing fuel prices. The only response I got was "I will look into it" Now after seven years of pounding on doors they are looking into it. "The Corporate Tower of Babble", the corporate world, is in control, and it was President Dwight Eisenhower who warned us of the "Military Industrial Complex" (Google it for details).

The only way to beat this monster is to tell as many as we can that what is happening in the U.S. is not by coincident ,that the chess master's are at work.
You may not agree with everything you read at the website, but there are bits and pieces here that will give you some insight as to just what is happening here in the "United States of America"

Yesterday I received a email from someone in the EIA. They said they could not discuss opinions about what was happening with gasoline prices, but they did give me a list of some 12 website where I might find some answers. When I tried to download three of the first four websites my computer crashed. Knowing a bit about computers I was able to reboot the computer. I tried other websites that I know worked without any problems, but when I tried the crashers again, the computer crashed again, and again. So what does that tell us, are we being shut out of places where the truth is hiding?


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Went there and started reading, watched a video. Think i am going to spend some serious time there. Thanks.
did you look at

There is a lot of stuff on the table a little hard to keep up with. But its the bit and pieces od news that add up to "What the hell is happening" and why aren't we being kept up to date by our lap dogs.

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did you look at

There is a lot of stuff on the table a little hard to keep up with. But its the bit and pieces od news that add up to "What the hell is happening" and why aren't we being kept up to date by our lap dogs.
I went there but if i click on something nothing happens, I tried clicking on everything.


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I have been burning videos and giving them to family and friends.You are right greyfox, it will take a mass awakening to overcome this treasonous plot. Don't focus on high fuel prices, they are a diversion to keep you distracted from the most important issue! After all who gives a **** if gas is $10.00 a gallon if your not ALLOWED to drive?


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Well organized boycotts work!

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

Trying to find ways to live, and accept the corruption is not the way to win this war, this complaisance would only add another leg for the corruption to stand on. A well organized boycott can raise the level of hope for those who need some way to express their anger and frustrations. There are millions of Americans who would join a well organized Boycott. Many Boycotts get very little traction when there is no central clearing house for information, where people can get help to bring the boycott to their towns, and cities. We have the Trucker's Forum to build a network for a successful EXXON boycott. Why not use it.

Damn people ..... if the French and Italians can do it why the hell can't we.

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You are DAMN RIGHT!!!!! The people in gov. Rulers and those that controll them( corparate ) are trying to destroy our Constitution. Wake up America. We have the Constitionual RIGHT to take back our goverment!!!! We have the right to march into Washington and physicaly take control of the Goverment. Look it up. Don't let them do this to us. Scream from the roof tops. Scream at our Congress people. Our Senators. After all, we chose them to represent us to the Goverment of the United States. If they can not do the job WE WILL!


other ways

We need to find other ways to get this out.
We cant count on NEWS or Papers.
So even though some might look at rags as jokes.
They do print.
N.Y. Is the Village paper still around?
How about RollingStone?
And the rags. people do read them.
Collage papers ?

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