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I guess we (I) need a thread for this because I want to break something after watching the Cowboys/Saints game tonight.

I used to be a very very big fan of the NFL. Had a fantasy football website, had huge money wrapped up in fantasy football leagues, and it ultimately burned me out of even wanting to watch the NFL. So, I stopped watching for quite some time.

In the past 2-3 years, I have started watching more and more, as a fan, and hoping the fantasy football addiction doesn't get triggered, LOL.

Tonight, my Cowboys lose to the Saints. The loss had me all sorts of pissed, just like when I used to watch as a simple fan of my favorite team, I guess that's a good thing.

So, if yo watch, who's your team and how are they doing?

If you don't watch, nothing to see here.


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I didn't watch much last year because of the kneeling. I started watching more during the playoffs after things settled down a bit. Then the no - call happened. I'm still done with them after that. Any legitimacy of how officiating was handled left the building with that play. And I'm not even a Saints fan. (Well, except when they're playing the Cowboys! 😁)


i am not into football all that much, but i'll watch a Pats game. but trust me, if it's a sunday night game, i might fall asleep, or if on a thursday night game, if i can catch it on the radio great, otherwise, i am doing my route.

if the Pats are not playing (like a bi-week) i can happily watch the Motor Trend channel or some movie channel.

the kneeling thing nearly finished me as well as the no- or-missed calls.

and to think they have replays, where an official in NY makes a determination.

many things have changed in sports, some for the better, some seem to not have been any better.

those multi-million dollar salaries don't make me sad when they get fined, suspended or traded away.

what DOES bother me, is when a player goes off the charts and assaults, or does his drugs or has a slew of sexual charges against him and is now about to lose it all, (alias Antonio Brown)..

you have all that money coming in and you blow it.

and the fans support this crap, by going to the games, or paying for a cable tv season pass.

my "free tv" is all the support they get.


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I am not an NFL fan but I did make some picks. I put $10 down to win $200 if all picks came in. ( posted this in my 20 but not what I picked)
I had.
LA Chargers to win vs Miami
Indiana to win vs Oakland
Baltimore to in vs Cleveland
Patriots to win vs Buffalo
Rams to win vs. Buccaneers

Only one of my picks came through. :dunno:


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A truckers impression of this thread...

tumbleweed (1).jpg

lol, pathetic, in here. And to think football season is in full swing.

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Life long Steeler fan, but over the past decade or so, I've gone from a sports fanatic (football, hockey, baseball, MMA) to a casual fan at best (except MMA...I still follow that more closely than I do other sports), especially in regard to the NFL and MLB.
Between overly burdenshome rules and excessive marketing, the game is losing it's luster for me...not to mention the cringe-worthy "leadership" of Roger Goodell.


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decade or so, I've gone from a sports fanatic (football, hockey, baseball, MMA) to a casual fan at best
I hear you buddy.

I was a football fanatic a la carte, from calling in sick when my team loses, missing B-ball practice to watch a game to getting on my knees and closing my eyes; but those days are long gone.

I did the MMA for a minute when it was on network tv before they deemed to violent.
Anderson Silva, will there ever be another fighter quite like him. He had a good run.


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I am Panther guy,and I hope they get rid of Cam,since Allen is 5-0 as a starter
trade that bozo