Trucking News: NFI, Penske reach electric-driving milestones with Freightliner test trucks


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The hype surrounding zero-emission electric trucks is evolving into real-world results for two major freight haulers.

Penske Logistics (NYSE: PAG) claimed Dec. 3 it was the first to cross the 10,000-mile threshold. NFI industries told FreightWaves on Dec. 5 it is approaching 14,000 miles on drayage runs between Chino, California, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Both companies are participating in the Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet built to test the integration of battery electric trucks into large-scale fleet operations. They received the trucks in late August.



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BZZZap! Gonna be awhile before we have ta line up behind th' Teslas ta get our nightly charge.