Trucking News: New law in effect in Pennsylvania criminalizes 'skimming' at fuel pumps


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A new law now in effect in Pennsylvania puts on notice individuals who attempt to defraud consumers at fuel pumps. The new law is intended to deter payment card “skimming.”

The devices are attached to external fuel pump payment card readers and ATMs. The small devices, or “skimmers,” can be installed within seconds. They are designed to steal and store debit and credit card data. The data can then be retrieved and used for fraudulent purchases or activities.

A single compromised pump can capture data from as many as 100 cards per day, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores.

New law in effect in Pennsylvania criminalizes 'skimming' at fuel pumps


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Skimming has been a huge problem. What they started doing here was applying a hologram seal where you insert the card, so anything beyond that seal is not part of the original payment system do not use it. If the seal has been tampered with do not use it.


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The skimmers are pretty easy to find usually. Just grab the card reader and try to pull it off. Move it up and down and side to side. If it moves it's a skimmer. Not all can be found like that but a lot can. Also pay attention to the tamper evident seals on the pumps. If they're broken don't insert your card.