NEW: Knight training with sister company: SQUIRE Transportation (Indianapolis, IN)

This is for all new entry level students wanting to transition to Knight Transportation.

I am posting this thread to help others. I am going to Squire Orientation, because I want to be trained as a Knight. But, in order to do so, I got to become a Squire first before they can transition me as a Knight.

This is my review of how it runs...

Squire Transportation:
- When you call your recruiters, you will be given a confirmation number for your transportation on a Greyhound Bus and number for the hotel where you will be staying at.
- You will arrive at the Greyhound Bus Station in down-town Indianapolis, IN.
- Call your hotel and they pick you up. The hotel will give you either papers or by voice at what time you are due for pick up in the morning. (Mine is at 6:45 AM)

In the meantime,
- Check out your room, check out the vicinity, and staff.
(Staff was very courteous to me).
(My room was a smoking room, with a good view, and had everything).
(The vicinity area has: a waffle house right next to the hotel, a Speedway Gas station next to the waffle house, and a restaurant across the street from the hotel).

Orientation starts at 6:45 AM (For others it might be different as times change).

I will continue my thread with more details, as soon as, I go to training. Right Now, I am going to sleep. Keep you posted... :countsheep::firedevil:

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i hope you don't end up with a trainer by the name of john isler. he tends to let things get out of control and then blames the trainee for it. if you absolutely need to do a button-hook turn, he will not allow it. he also won't allow you to take up two lanes to make the turn. that leaves you one option. take a guess what that is. he's also a paid snitch.
Here's the update:
For 3 days straight it has been a ton of paper-work. Rules and regulations as well. Orientation is still going great. On the third day you will have a knowledge quiz test, basically everything that they taught you, and so far you have your notes and their papers to finish the test. Also on the third day (it might be different for others and/or time might be different), you get your drug test and physical test, I passed so I feel great! Fourth day, is inspection of the vehicle and inside as well with a small quiz. Fifth day, is trainer time. Which means you will drive and the trainer will take turns to instruct us how our routes are to be delivered.

Special note: You got to memorise your Qualcomm codes for the quiz. It's different than other companies. Every company assigns their own codes.

Thank you, Creature of the Wheel, for your info. I will keep my head up.

In advance: You need to be prepared for this company. You will only get paid biweekly (as trainee). So, bring extra cash in case of anything. Mornings is breakfast and the company serves lunch only. So, if you get hungry for dinner you need the cash for it. It ain't cheap here (Depends, if you can get your own rental car or taxi and find a cheap place to eat at). If you want to eat healthy make sure you know what to get for eating healthy for dinner (Speedway gas station: serves fruits, canned vegetables, soups, and sandwiches [unless you want to get junk food like all gas stations serve]).

So far, today is my fourth day. Fifth day (Friday) is my driving with the trainer. I just can't wait till I get my check!

If anyone has any questions:
Please comment.

Please no negative comments...
I am here to help future enrolees...
Re: NEW: Knight training with sister company: SQUIRE Transportation (Indianapolis, IN

I am sorry to inform all of you but I was let go. On Thursday, they did a small driving test with a van, which, utilises your skills on a system called: The Smith test, basically, when you are driving memorise everything that passes you by they will test your memory for colour and people on the road. Also memorise the speed limit and bridges. Before you are to be trained on a Friday.

They let me go for: that specific test, age, and health problems. Unfortunately, they don't like fat people...
Now I can agree with everyone in this post these people judge you and they think you are stupid to qualify...


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Re: NEW: Knight training with sister company: SQUIRE Transportation (Indianapolis, IN

sorry to hear that silverwolf...hope something works out for you


Re: NEW: Knight training with sister company: SQUIRE Transportation (Indianapolis, IN

Hey silverwolf! Has anything else worked out for you? Keep us updated! I am a new CDL holder and scheduled for Orientation with Swift this coming Monday, May 9, 2011. I hope all goes well with me and I get through!

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