New Football league beats NBA in ratings.


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I was kind of interested in it as well. There's a game on at 8 apparently.
The play clock is shorter. I like the quicker pace.

The timing couldn’t be better as the NFL seems determined to destroy itself. Between the crappy referees, the non stop replays, and what’s a catch and what’s not. Plus the kneeling at national anthems and players constantly being arrested. Many are turned off by the NFL.


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I have watched a few of the games and it is intruging to say the least. The hitting is better. The drama of kneeling and such that the NFL has is a lot less in this new league. That makes it nice.

Obviously, the talent of the players in this new league is not as good as that of the NFL, but it is nice to see guys who care more about the game and not as much about the money.