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2015 freight liner cascadia my heater stop working just blowing cold air anyone has a idea what i can do plz
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Auxiliary power unit is blowing cooled air when my truck is off the heat is not working but if i turn my truck on the heating works great its just when i turn off my truck APU is working but not blowing heat but everything else works just not the heat


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Normally, a thermo-king has a diesel fired bunk heater.

It may or may not have an Arctic kit that's tied to the e gone cooling system.

You haven't given enough information to really understand the system.

Your initial statement made it seem like an engine issue.

Now it's an apu issue. And it's unclear how it's installed


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Check Fuel Level,but that shall be OK.
Check for Fuse on Night Heater.
Check if Fuel comes to Night Heater (Maybe Pump stopped due to Electrical or Mechanical Fault)
There musst be some kind of Spark Plug. Its not sparking but just to give ya an Idea. Check it.


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Some Trucks switch Auxiliary off when Voltage goes low. Here we have 24V and charging 28V. If Voltage goes under 22V the Auxiliary gets disconnected to keep Truck able to start.