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Need help with LTL shipments


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Hey guys,

We sell products that are about 100-150lbs of weight that we can't ship using UPS/Fedex Ground service because they get damaged frequently.

Can someone help us with a reasonable price?

Freight class most of the time is 77.5-85.
Origin - 07024, destination - nationwide.

Thank you!


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Hello George I believe I can help you get a quote for this. When available call me at 813-598-8936 whenever you are available


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Good morning,

If you still need help with your LTL quotes I work for the largest 3PL in the industry and we did over $900 million with our carriers last year alone. Our discounts we receive are based on our spend and you would have access to those by being a customer of mine. On average we save our clients around 9-12% annually. If you would like to discuss further feel free to contact me.