need help,do you have answer?emergency!


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have you ordered a copy of your DAC/USIS? your last company may have put something very derogatory there that is keeping you out of work. I worked for CFI out of Joplin for over 8 years, made their Million Mile Club, then had an accident, CFI or DAC got my report in backward, I had 11 DOT accidents and one incident. It took awhile to get it turned around, and neither CFI or DAC/USIS will tell me what an "incident" is.
I wouldnt call them seedy companies, but family owned and operated small companies (less than 10-20 trucks) are a good place to start over. Find one that hauls produce to Cali and back. Florida is a hard place to find freight, so I will assume its hard to find trucking jobs there. Good luck

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have the copies,nothing bad in them.Got a call today from hunt outta omaha.Explained my ticket and he says it wont be a problem but i maight have to take a defensive driving course after orientation if all checks out ok and I get sent up.I know that saftey often has a different opinion than the ones the recruuiters have so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

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finally got on with Walpole,it's local class a work outta orlando haulin msw,thanks to everyone for all the helpful suggestions!


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been around the block too..dac does not report what must file rebuttal..i change jobs a lot..ill loan you my story and im still employed most days..i got kicked out of trk school for being a guy, took 5 months to prove i was a girl(schoolteacher),got charged hit and run on dac(got hit by falling freight and taken to hospital) got charged on dac for unauthorized use of a trk(got hit by lightning driving,ADMITTED TO A HOSPITAL SPENT A WK GETTING FEELING BACK AND HEALING FROM INJURIES-- they falsified my wc records and said i was in the sleeper when towed in, got a loaner trk, a load, and a hundred bucks in advance,- got fired for getting hit by a runaway parked car(she swore she wasnt driving-no license or insurance), got hit by a drunk driver parked at a dock, got rolled into by an overweight truck who was towed because his radiator leaked! got fired for a safety director being so drunk, due to attrition they lost my account and put me unloading 20000 pounds of groceries daily, got hit by lightning again, and then the feds seized 1 million worth of drugs on the yard, had companies go bankrupt, and lie for insurance money., been fired for arguing because they forgot to register my trk, license it, and when some jerk took off my hood and they paid me 12000, they listed it preventable and i had to fight that they overloaded my trk and because of a strike, i had to reload 4 times in one wk, and only got one ticket because i couldnt get in the scale due to a strike queing up, and forgot they didnt fund the ezpass account so i got an invalid tag ticket but as an o/o I get to bring a thousand papers to every interview..always check your dac, and a new one on me is to check a website called driver they suck too..7.95 and they confirmed one job out of a million i forgot that getting hit by a forklift was a safety violation, and stepping out the trk on line 2 to help a driver back up, was a safety violation cuz i got to kiss a swift trk by getting hit by a school bus..hang in there it really can get worse!!!!!
Call Knight Transportation in Phoenix they are good to work for and don't hold a fender bender against you. Work for 6 mths and then can go somewhere else if you want. Just a thought.


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Here in asheville, a driver has been having problemms in VA because someone with same name has warrants. USIS hasn't cleared his record. Advised him to get affidavit from D.A. in county of origin and keep in wallet at all times. My wife has been a truck driver and a deputy in FL and used to handle warrants. Any better suggestions?