Movies you just watched


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Was it good?
Yes in my opinion......theme is older man that thinks he just driving delivering goods across the country.....but truth is he gets sucker and involved with drug movement. . In passing getting my popcorn and soda before the movie clerk said it was a true event and story.


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Yesterday while waiting for CalTrans to pull their heads out of their asses went and watched Replicas. Was purdy good probably would have been better if I wasn't in such a bad mood.


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I just watched Gotti on THE Netflix. I am pretty sure this movie went straight to DVD/Netflix. I can't recall seeing it advertised for theaters.
Pretty good John Travolta does a good job looking like Gotti with that scowl. I think the only other one that could do the same would be Sean Penn.
Spoiler alert! Gotti goes to jail and dies in there from cancer. :rolleyes-80:


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Watching "We Love Clint" night on Sundance- Outlaw Josey Wales on now- Space Cowboys next-then Unforgiven- I'll be in bed by then so I don't care- LOL


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Too Young a Hero. On Netflix.

True story about a kid who signs up for the Navy in 1942, and gets assigned to the USS South Dakota - a battleship in the Pacific. He's assigned as a loader on a 40mm antiaircraft gun, and earns two Purple Hearts before they find out about him. He's 12 years old.


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On Netflix - The Dirt
It was really good. If you love their music, you'll love the movie.

Addicted - Was a somewhat like "Unfaithful" but still really good.