Movies you just watched


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Awesome documentary movie if your into music and history.
Rupert Neve, man. Ruper frickin' Neve. 1073's and 511's. Omnomnomnom.
I watched this a few years ago. Great documentary.
I used to be into all of this crap. I went to school originally to be an audio engineer in my late teens into my early twenties before I gave it up. Fun times.
Neve 1073's are a classic all-around work horse in the recording world, and they sound good on just about anything. A great choice when an engineer has reached that "f*** it" stage. Just use a 1073. It'll sound fine. --- Always does. Just throw on a little compression and EQ in post, seat everything in the mix, and walk away.
Bam! Gold Record. (sarcasm)
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