Mercer gots problems...


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Attorneys for Mercer Transportation say the company had no knowledge of the actions by two of the men who engaged in a bribery scheme to secure lucrative government contracts for delivery at a Georgia Marine base.

The federal government filed suit against the Louisville-based carrier following an investigation that sent the two men – a truck driver and a sales agent – as well as two base employees to prison. The government’s case hinges on whether Mercer knew or should have known that its employees paid thousands of dollars to the two base employees to secure millions of dollars in shipping jobs from 2006 to 2012.

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Quite a few Schneider lease/owner operators been migrating over there, they might need to be looking for another option now.


In Gord we trust!
It is pretty common to buy customers cruise trips and lease them cars and box seats to sports games.
Just don't do it on government loads, I guess:dunno: