McGregor vs. Mayweather

McGregor or Mayweather

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Pick one.

I pick McGregor. He's way taller and an MMA fighter.
I'm with Random. Way to much hype.

****, fight, or hold the light all this jawing is crap.

In a pinch McGregor. Just way more crazy in an Irish lad;)


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I take McGregor. Mayweather is old and boxing is an art. MMA is so random. Even in a boxing match the unexpected it what wins the fight. In the case of a knock out.
Or even in points it goes to most punches thrown.


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Christ you're all morons.

Mayweather and it ain't even gonna be close.

Tallness and MMA know how would be fine iffin it was an MMA fight, but it ain't, so......