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I am starting this support thread to discuss and help others with doing an EGR or DPF Delete(s) on the CM871 ONLY!!!. It is a discussion-only thread, I DO NOT DO EGR DELETES!!!,....I only make documents about them, and/or discuss them. I also do NOT provide any software/hardware for doing them. I drive my truck or a living, nothing more. I have much experience in doing deletes, by helping others in foreign countries where EPA laws and EGR/DPF regulations are not required. There are companies in the states who do deletes, but almost ALL of them do it wrong for this one particular engine, and I have come across literally hundreds of individuals, and their trucks, that have had huge problems as a result. I have discovered much of the secrets about this one particular engine, and do not mind sharing my knowledge toward helping others, but It is YOUR risk, and YOUR consequences alone. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the information I share, nor recommend anyone in an EPA regulated country doing these 'Deletes' to their engines, especially in the USA. There are very, very steep fines for doing so. That being said, I will open this thread with a link to my 'Milk Money' document containing the info needed for editing the ECM...

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And, as a kick-start to the thread, I will give some information on why someone would in fact want, or need to resort to removing their EGR/DPF system from their truck to begin with...

First, and foremost, there are many countries that do NOT fall under the EPA's Tyranny, and in those countries, it is not illegal. As well, there are many countries that do not require such technologies. Many trucks with 1 million+ miles get sold overseas from the USA to other countries., as it is lower in cost to import them, than to buy them new. When a USA truck gets sold over-seas to a country without these regulations, simple problems like a bad Doser Injector, or failed Regen become a HUGE PROBLEM. Parts are not available, and have to be shipped from overseas, and many times the truck breaks down in remote areas where a mechanic would have to be sent via helicopter,...very very,....VERY expensive. Its is easier, and more proper, to remove all non freight-moving components from these engines to keep them from failing over some really ridiculous, UN-necessary systems (in their eyes), that Americans, and their easily accessed network of parts, information, etc. take for granted. This is reason alone to remove these systems. Do Americans do this too?,..Sure,....Why?,...BECAUSE THESE SAME SYSTEMS REPEATEDLY PUT TRUCK OWNERS OUT OF BUSINESS!!!,...Simple as that.

I do not encourage, nor perform Deletes myself,...Instead, I post tons of information on how to keep these systems in tact, and healthy for the most part. I do however provide the instructions for others, freely, that want to perform these things on their own. I cannot control what country they are from, nor care, but I do have a warning in my documents for them not to do those things if they live in an EPA regulated country. Is this going to stop them?,...Heck-No,...but that is not in my control. I suppose I could just keep the information I provide a secret, but those people who need it, other countries,...would have a much more difficult time of things wouldn't they. As well, those truck owners here in the states who HAVE removed these systems, taking that risk already, need to know weather or not their engine has gotten butchered by some half-wit butcher shop. It is one thing to take a risk and delete the junk on your engine, but totally another to hire a company to do so for several thousands of dollars, and get a shotty product in return. In the end,...If someone is going to be brave enough to take that risk, then at least they can learn to do it themselves, so that some butcher-shop doesn't rip them off, AND, so they can UNDO it if they need to, or see that it is not worth that risk.

The primary problem to ALL of these new EGR engines, is the fact that they are so horribly designed. No regard whatsoever has been placed toward longevity within these systems, and that is where they fail. If truck owners did not have such problems with these things, then most would not care that they were there. Myself, I know of some pretty basic improvements that can be made to these engines that would solve the bulk of problems with the EGR systems. Do the engine makers know these same basic solutions?,...YES THEY DO,...but choose NOT to do them, because there is too much money to be gained in after-the-sale support.

I do not blame ANYONE, nor shame them for removing these systems. The trucking industry as a whole, does not lend extra moneys to the single truck owner, trying to scratch a pay-check , towards the incompetence of most repair shops that over-charge, and are under-educated. The result of removal, comes from the repeated downtime, wasted money, and inevitably, those owners, resorting to such means in an attempt to keep from loosing their business. The risk, for them, weighs LESS than the alternative.

Personally, I think that if you live in the USA, you should learn to maintain the EGR/DPF systems on your truck as best possible, learning what you can do as the truck owner, yourself, rather than waste money repeatedly, trying to get a shop to fix problems with these systems. This prevents the need to do one of these 'Deletes' to begin with, for most people.

Just MY 2-cents on it as well,...Rawze
Hi Rawze, I can't get the link to open the document. Your knowledge of 871's is impressive. I have a 870, have you any experience with them ?


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@Rawze sir, thank you very much for all Of your posts and videos you are a one generous guy! The file above does not work but that's not why I'm here. I suppose I could thank you on a different forum but I'm not sure which one do you visit lately! I've heard you hit deer :-( hopefully not 2 serious. Anyway, I just wanna thank you from bottom of my heart for everything you do for us O/O. You and you alone have saved me thousands of dollars and made my truck go from low 5mpgs to mid and high 8's thank you very much. After reading your lengthy posts, book chapters and following you all over internet, education you provided I got to say is priceless. Hopefully everything is okay with you and you come back to form and keep doing what you do. Thanks for all the help, rawze for president!!!


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how about how to delete the egr on a truck that has a 14l detriot ? The truck is in RUSSIA So it don't need a america EGR :)
Hi, dado007 could you post me the two files please, i have 3 trucks to do for my friend , i am in Guyana on 3 weeks vacation, he is having a lot of egr and dpf problems,i have tried to get these files but i cannot get them,it seems it is not around anymore,thanks in advance,any help would appreciated
thank you
Hi,Rawzie,your knowledge with egr and dpf delete,are the best i have read so far,your knowledge is very impressive with engine,i would like to do an egr delete and dpf delete on isx 871 and 870 ,i am trying to get the mm2 delete files,and video,i was directed to a site it said files not found,colud you please help me to get the files and video i am currently in Guyana,and my friend have 3 isx ,that giving him a lot of problem with the dpf and egr he ask me help him ,with the egr and dpf delete,could you direct me to where i can obtain these files and video,i have seen other mm2 delete files ,but i am sure if this is the right files,could you please help me.

Thank you


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Just curious. I'm in Canada. A lot of guys do deletes up here too. My question is how do they pass the mandatory yearly inspection? You don't have to have the egr stuff if the year of the truck doesn't have them, but if it does, how do you pass the inspection without the egr?? Soon as they see it gone, fail?? No insurance. How do they get past that?


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Just curious. I'm in Canada. A lot of guys do deletes up here too. My question is how do they pass the mandatory yearly inspection? You don't have to have the egr stuff if the year of the truck doesn't have them, but if it does, how do you pass the inspection without the egr?? Soon as they see it gone, fail?? No insurance. How do they get past that?
The emissions regulations are the same in Canada as they are in the U.S. as per an agreement between Canada and the U.S. and dates back to when Stephen Harper was in power!:canada: