Load Boards - What are you using and what are you spending?


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Looked into them when they first came out. Got the packet, did not like what I read (been a long time so can't answer specifically) and opted to not send it back in.

They hounded me horribly until I told them in an inpolite manner I wasn't going to return their carrier packet.

Made me happy I didn't return it.

Part of it sounded like they were building a carrier base at the time and just wanted carriers signed up. There was no actual freight yet to haul. Part of it felt like they were trying to take overy business.

When there was going to be freight and they called, you would be required to take the load regardless. No option to turn it down. The tracking location etc was going to be worse than some brokers that wanted macropoint.


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I'm officially running DAT Power, Uber Freight, and Convoy. Have access to a few other single broker boards, but focusing on the two apps and DAT for now.

Oh yeah, also keeping an eye on truckerpath's load board.