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back in my drinking days,after a couple of beers and a shot I would sit there and finish the job.If I worked it was finishing that drunk I was pulling

in the mornings I would smoke a big fat joint


I love KW 680s
I used to keep baggies of oregano in my apartment and when I had a few days off the road, I'd have some younger gals over and they'd puff away on that stuff, stagger around the apartment, slurring their words and blabbering about where did I get all that good stuff; I must be rich. When I'd hit the road again, I'd give them a big fat baggie of it to hold them over until I returned in a couple or three weeks.
Surprising, no one ever figured it out or even questioned it. I don't know, I don't use anything, don't even use tobacco. I wouldn't know if I was using pot or oregano because have no idea how either tastes.
Just abit of "advice" T Thunder Road ..

Be "careful" selling Fake Stuff..

Where Im from rip off artist and scammers often end up with afew "rounds" in theyre skulls in some alley or abandoned lot...

And its Real Dope Dealers "defending" Their TERRITORY because that Rip Off artist was making em look bad