listening to music?


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Do you listen to any music while driving? If so whats your favourite?


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My husband listens to classic rock music when he's driving alone, because while I like classical, I prefer modern rock and a little bit of alternative music.


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I have an mp3 cd player, which a cd can hold alot of songs. So all my cd's are seperated my genre. Weird Al being my favorite. But on my Sirius radio, I have 30 slots to store a favorite band or song. So when that song comes up on any channel it beeps and pops up to tell me. It also lets me know when the panthers are playing, or if there is a score update.


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I listen to a wide variety of music while driving, mostly scanning the XM channels.


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Its music like New Country, Classic Trucking Country (You know!), or Classic Rock for a few hours, but then I need something with intelligence. So most the rest of the day is National News and Talk Radio (Politics).


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Books on tape

Sounds random, but ever listened to books on tape while driving?
I tried this once, but found it too distracting. With music, it can become simply background noise, with a book reading you have to pay attention or you'll miss what the story's about. I do enjoy listening to comedy though.

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