Joining Roehl's Flatbed Fleet


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I recently got my CDL and am new to the OTR trucking world. Any tips for a new flat-bedder? Looking for some incite from the pros.


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Are you on your own or with a trainer? One tip I can give you, call and get directions. You can use your GPS for the long trip but call for directions for the last final instructions into the site.

Many times I've made big mistakes following the GPS. No more of that.


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With a trainer for now, but will be on my own soon. That seems like good advice, even "commercial" GPS's can screw up.


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I think (don't quote me) they ONLY have 8' drop tarps. That means a lot of extra material on smaller loads. And I know they have these stupid type of tarp straps that only they use.

Good starter company probably. Maybe the stuff for places like PDM Bridge pays decent though. I dunno.


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I talked to several of them at logan a week or two ago. All complained about the junk trucks and trailers and said they wish they had tarp boxes like mine, but they was too cheap to put them on their trailers.


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Flatbedding just takes time to get a hang of. Some important advice I may offer is to make sure to sweep your bed off right after you unload. Especially if you are in Ohio. I got gigged for a loose load violation when the darn cop kicked a pebble off my trailer. Keep your truck clean and do not put logs or papers of any kind in windshield.