Irving Big Stops / Circle K / Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.


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I included all the culprits in the title.

FYI - You cannot get a hot meal after 22:00 hrs once you come into the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) at any Irving Big Stop. They close their kitchens. You cannot get a coffee at the Irving Big Stops in the morning until after 05:30.

The reason why this is a point to consider is because there are few if any other alternatives... and that includes the mighty Tim Hortons franchise... they're closed or not serving hot food in almost all cases as well.

Irving owns the buildings and the fuel pumps. They used to own the kitchens but they started leasing the buildings to Circle K some while ago. Circle K is owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. and is based in Quebec, Canada... including all the ones down the Eastern Seaboard.

Many years ago Irving started putting restaurants in their gas stations for the truckers. The food was excellent and they became very popular with the truckers. Next thing you know, the motoring public is taking up space at these truck stops... so Irving said, hey wait we'll have segregated parking, inside we'll have seating and waitresses just for the truckers because they spend a lot of money on our fuel and they're on a clock. Perfect... I mean that is good service and he was taking care of the guys that built and maintained his core business. Now, the restaurants are so popular with the public that they cater only to the public and they only do volume... so there's two outcomes. The waitresses and cooks work like dogs for minimum wage and the truckers can't get a hot meal after 13 hours on the road.

Truckers built the brand... and now Couche Tard shareholders are making money off of it.

Irving is still making money off the fuel, but he doesn't care if you're hungry and there's no other restaurants open. Just pay... and get going.

So if you get a chance to screw Irving for selling out truckers... take it.


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So I lied a wee tiny bit. You can get a hot meal in Aulac, at the N.B / N.S. border up until 23:00. It was delicious too.