iPhone or Samsung?

iPhone or Samsung?

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there excuse always was either there rolling out more spectrum in my area or it was server maintenance really for 13 months. i just told em that it was the old fashion way of telling customers to **** off:stare1:
I always thought it was AT&T's "up yours" customer service approach.


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AT&T decided I hadn't paid my final bill - I had, and retained the cancelled check.

For nine years, they kept turning that bill over to collections. In 2008, I paid an attorney to order them to get lost.


That's after years of ****ty service.

They still have the gall to tell me how bad Verizon is, and his I should dump them and sign up for their renewed ****ty service.



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I bought the samsung galaxy j 7 on sale last black friday at walmart for 50 bucks. Im using straight talks 55 a month plan.

Overall im happy. Phone does what i want it to do, and i use it for quite a bit of things.


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Looking forward to the day I can go back to the flip phone.

There's apps for controlling the trolling motor, the fish locator, the trim, the big motor,

You can find apps to tell you where to fish and with what for the species you want to Target. Apps to tell you how to get to the lake as well as which lakes have a better bite.



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i have to say that i love bixby on the s9+ as bixby can do a whole lot more than siri can plus you can train siri to do new commands also unlike siri. iphones are so 80's:eek::D:biglaugh:
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