Installed new Bearcat 880


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Well , I've been slowly fine tuning it . Ironically I replaced the sworn by Firestick... which to be fair I usually swear by them too , with a 4 ft Francis 150 watt Hot Rod . Can still tweak a little bit but got a nice 1.5 to 1.63 across all 40 channels . One of the big issues was even when swr was fairly even across all 40 it was above 2.6 . I started messing with the cb angle and found that brought it down quite nicely . Looks funny to me but part of the issue is the Frieghtliner cascadia (2014) has no stock mounts and those God awful plastic mirrors . So I had to get the mirror adapter kit . Also had to run a ground wire to door frame because the plastic bushings in the hinges weaken the ground formed by bolting to the door chassis. All and all I'm happy with it and I can say I did it ... not just played someone to do it for me 😎 nothing against that ... but I just wanted to own the achievement 😁


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I have an old Bearcat that I had peaked and tuned. I don't think I have ever put that radio in another truck after I took it out of the truck that is was peaked and tuned. She gets out more than my ex-ol' lady:biglaugh:
I got a couple of cobras, But I have spent so much time looking at the Galaxies. Had I not been gawking and was working I could have bought one:D
In conclusion I like my Uniden :thumbsup:


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I have a 980SSB never taken out of its box, sitting in my basement. 😕