I got Chritmas Joy In my Heart.. "Not"

Uncle Birchy

Life Coach
It's almost 12 am for me I gotta get some sleep but I will check that out because Matt was one hell of a funny guy.
Yeah in the "Real" World people got Jobs on Monday Morning

Was kinda nice to do afew cleanouts and paint...

Still got a case of Best Ice and Half a Pizza..

Cant smoke pot cause Im looking for a JOB

Electric Chicken

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So all the neighbors out half kiliing themselves stringing lights..

Black Friday a Dealership let 5 "used" cars go for a "BUCK" plus Tax, Title, Registration..

Despite the first "5" was like a HUNDRED folks Camping Overnight...

Fortunately no VIOLENCE at the Honda Dealership ...

Other places were Shootings and a "Mele" at the Mall

Man thats Bravery and "Dedication" to even wander out on Black Friday
Honda buyers don't have the strength to do violence.