Traffic Report: I-87 Near MM63, Newburgh, NY

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Before I close this thread.......

This thread was posted in regards to a wreck, and doesn't have one thing to do with which niche of drivers is somehow the best and how the worst of the worst all flock to one specific niche.

there are open deck guys that are good, there are those that suck. Plenty lost loads and flopping, tore up tarps in the wind to prove it. Not to mention straps flying in the wind or chains flopping all over the place and maybe even leaving sparks as they drag the ground. And lets not forget the idiot on the side of the road who was too lazy to tarp a load as per the requirements and suddenly a storm his and now he is quickly trying to CYA.

And there are van/reefer losers that have shown up to the dock to unload and found there freight laying all over the floor of the trailer, only to look at everyone else they can to blame for it. Guys that show up with a frozen load and have temp recordings showing the load wasn't ran as a frozen load for most of the trip.

Dump truck drivers who travel down the road losing more rocks along the highway than they seem to get to the destination, chipping paint and busting windshields along the way.

Newsflash for all of you, there is good and bad in every niche. The wagon doesn't tell you what is behind the wheel. Never has, never will.

Yet we have a thread, three pages long, full of good members here poking each other in the eyes with sticks.

Let's cut the bullshit and quit acting like this forum is channel 19.
Not open for further replies.