Husband and Wife team here because of the GPS navigation on the Qualcomm


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These aren't students, but they were talking to some students. The wife explained that they were constantly running out of hours at their previous company because while one was driving, the other one was often up in the passenger seat navigating with their road atlas.

They quit and came here because their previous company wouldn't provide them with a GPS. Apparently, it is should be the company's responsibility to provide drivers with a GPS for navigation.

I started to tell her about our forum, but I knew how this group would chew them up and spit them out within a week, LOL.....


well all i am familiar with, is that what companies have GPS is part of the Qualcomm..?? is this true.??

if it is, Qualcomm is expensive at least back in my day it was, and back then there was no GPS function, only directions sent via the dispatchers.

it is NOT required for a company to provide even an AM/FM radio, c.b. radio, much less a GPS system. that falls on the driver, if he/she wants one. neither is a dash cam by the way. driver facing cameras, is a whole new can of worms subject.

in all actuality, having a co-driver actually reading a road atlas to me is more dependable than a GPS.

however, does one or both really know how to read an atlas..???

we can all follow the colored lines, marking the highways, but does one or both know how to use the full content of an atlas, and read the restricted routes and low over passes and toll roads.

in all my few years of long haul, i always was on time, and this was from reading an atlas, since no GPS, nor Qualcomm, nor cell phones were available back then.

just because one has an atlas, is no proof one knows how to read one.

i find it somewhat dumb, and stupid to think that quitting a job over the lack of a company to supply navigational aids.

all the company has to provide is a truck, a trailer, safety equipment, registration, insurance, maybe a breakdown phone number.

to think a trcuking company must provide everything under the sun, is just plain stupid.

i find nothing in my heart to feel sorry for either one, as it does appear, no one knows how to read a simple map.

on an un-related story...

i have know someone for many years now. his dad (who has since died) liked me, as he too was a trucker back in the old days, so old days, he had a number 10 on his ICC rights when he first got them, way back when.

this guy (the son) is not too shall i say smart.....

he had a class B CDL

he had more jobs than Carter has liver pills

he had gotten a speeding ticket.

he had to pay for it.

he had the gall to say, that the company should pay for his first ticket, with them.

i had all i could do to contain my laughter, as his dad was sitting across from me.

his dad shook his head.

i rolled my eyes.

dare i say dad was embarrassed..???
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But you could have given them @Duck or maybe @Sinister 's cell number or maybe @Blood ,yeah yeah, that guy. You know, the most pleasant among us, and they coulda helped them out anytime they got lost or just needed a friend.
Or he coulda directed them to you and narrowed the field by a couple of competitors.


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