Truckers Health How to dry a loofah or shower puff?


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I put poof and loofa because some folks call it one and some call it the other. To me, a loofa is a sponge on a stick.
way too many one liners, me, D dchawk81 , or Rigjockey Rigjockey , and maybe even Keendriver Keendriver to contend basically gave us a loaded gun.....


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I use a poofy shower thing. I just shake the water out of it and put it in a mesh pocket on the outside of my shower bag. I hang the shower bag up so it gets some airflow. If I'm not going to use it for more than a couple days I take it out of the mesh pocket and hang it on whatever is convenient. Sometimes that's in the house. I am always a little paranoid about it so I rinse it with hot water before I use it. Try the Dove men's shower gel. It's the best I've found.
At home and on the road I used a bar of soap. No rag no loofa no poof no sponge on a stick.

You know why? Because I'm not in prison and I'm not afraid to drop the soap. Well.....that and I'm the only one uses it.