How many miles did you drive today?


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Hear that @Mike better not leave that compartment open. I mean someone could try and snatch it and end up ripping the wires out or something:toothpick:

You know if that side box was accidently left open.

Or I heard about this driver one time who was stacking stuff on his bunk and then went to lift it to get underneath for something and a hammer landed right on the junction of the antenna wire on the black box. Damn shame being that unlucky:cautious:
When I was with Triple C I would unplug the motion sensor connection (just guessing here) so's I could use the damn thing going down the road.
When I put the truck in for service, just plug it back in.
EZ PEEZY.......
'til it wasn't

In the Atlanta yard and I went to plug it back in and screwed it up and bent (broke,destroyed,fubar) the pins on the black box and had abso****inglutely no signal whatsoever.:eek:
Went in and explained the symptoms to the mechanic.

"how do you suppose that happened driver?"

"**** poor design?":dunno:

He put a new box in and gave me a look that said "that **** poor design better not rear it's ugly head again"

Damn thing worked perfectly after that.......

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I ook my Jeep to the gas station.....and I think I got us a round of coffees this morning. I wasn't keeping a log or anything. Geez what do you people want from me???


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Short day tomorrow, just gotta get home to drop my trailer in Bentonville, then back up to Neosho for a live load, and then back home til the next morning.

Electric Chicken

Paid 310.8.

So probably 720 actual.

Asked dispatcher err Load Assessment Specialist Jason for a short day and he gave me one. Sweetened the pot with a load into and out of a customer a few miles down the road at the end.

Made what I usually make in a full day.